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British Trench Map Atlas

The Western Front 1914-18
1:10,000 regular series with an index of over 20,000 trench and topographical names and a commentary for each map

British Trench Map Atlas DVD-ROM Support

Recommended System Requirements:
A PC running Windows XP or Vista with 512MB RAM installed and a 4X speed DVD drive running at a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768.
Please note this product is not Mac OS or Linux compatible.

29/09/08 - Problem Printing Information Pages
Some customers have experienced a problem printing the information pages from the DVD-ROM using the printer icon at the bottom of each information page. To fix this problem you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer as the pages are printed from a PDF file. The software opens the information pages as a PDF in order for you to print them.
Adobe Reader is FREE and you can download and install Adobe Reader here.






British Trench Maps
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